Medical laser products for lymphedema

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Lymphedema Case Studies

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These case studies have been provided by Australian therapists who use the Riancorp LTU-904 laser therapy unit. Each therapist selects laser treatment areas based on the case, the patient and other constraints. We have provided these to give examples of how Australian therapists are using the LTU-904.

They are provided to offer information only and are not necessarily recommended treatment protocols.

case1_1_120.jpgMalignancy both breasts Axillary clearance Right side 20 nodes Left side 2 nodes.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy to right side only. Postoperative cellulites to right chest wall. Refused to wear arm sleeve.

Presented with very mild oedema both arms and red raised scarring to both sides and very large pockets under each arm and enlarged abdomen.

Laser treatment to scar tissue and both axillas ( 4- 6 places 1 minute each place) and treatment (1 minute per place) to any other tight area.


Second Case


1988 (58 years) Lumpectory to right breast with complete axillary clearance and radiotherapy to right side. No swelling in right arm.

2000 Radiotherapy only to stermun and left side of chest due to malignant lesions in this area. No surgery has been performed on the right side. 2005 Had a fall which led to oedema in left breast, left arm and abdomen.


Case Study 4


After eye surgery the patient had to stay face down for 22 out of 24 hours for 10 days (to repair retina).

Post surgery swelling evident in photo.

Treatment was laser therapy (1 min per point), down neck and near cheek.


Case 5

case-5_2.jpgFemale 73 years old. Primary lymphedema (from puberty). Patient was in a nursing home and presented with very hard discoloured legs, over-growth of wart like tissue on both legs, fungal infection in toes.

Both legs were paralysed through spine injury.

Laser, 1 min per point, to feet, calf and either side of leg bones. MLD and bandaging followed daily for 14 days. Discoloura-tion disappeared, wart-like growth disappeared.


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