Medical laser products for lymphedema

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Second Case


1988 (58 years) Lumpectory to right breast with complete axillary clearance and radiotherapy to right side. No swelling in right arm.

2000 Radiotherapy only to stermun and left side of chest due to malignant lesions in this area. No surgery has been performed on the right side. 2005 Had a fall which led to oedema in left breast, left arm and abdomen.

No prior treatment has ever been recommended for any of her presenting symptoms.

2008 (78 years) Commenced treatment. The client presented with lymphoedema in left breast, abdomen and left arm with fibrosis in both medial and lateral aspect of upper arm, elbow area and posterior and anterior aspects of lower arm especially at wrist and along radial catchment. There is also fibrosis on the medial and inferior aspects of the left breast. The fibrosis in the right breast is extremely hard and no movement in the breast tissue.

case2_2.jpg case2_3.jpg

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